Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration With all of the tweets, likes, shares, and selfies out there, keeping track of all the social media content can be daunting for any business. We can provide the tools to take control of your social narrative, allowing you to attract and curate the content that best represents your brand.

Fine-tune your content aggregation to create branded social hubs, or organize interactive promotional campaigns to drive your conversion metrics. User-generated content (UGC) has proven more influential on purchasing decisions than any other type of media.


    Harness customer ratings, reviews, recommendations and other user-generated content to promote your brand and make buying simple and shareable.


    Increase engagement through real-time interactions, drive sales with user-generated content, and build trust with audiences all in one place.


    Generate brand awareness and drive ROI by effectively and efficiently targeting social communities. Convert customers into fans for life.

Case Study

The McDonald’s Monopoly game proved to be an enormous marketing success that demonstrated just how powerful social media and user-generated content can be. The campaign created a huge amount social content, with promotions and product packaging all encouraging customers to share photos of their ‘Instant Wins’ and ‘Monopoly Mo Selfies’ via Vine, Twitter, and Instagram, and then aggregating this content on their social pages. By incorporating a social dimension into the promotion, McDonald’s amped up their ability to engage customers and generate traffic to their social pages by creating a cyclical flow of shares, likes, and selfies.


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